Uroš Savić

Visual Storyteller

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Any form of art is storytelling. As a kid, I was impressed by comics and graphic novels, a universe where imagery and written word blend, forming a unique experience. It takes additional, conscious effort to assimilate the writing and the drawing. They should enhance each other and coexist, instead of being a mere description of each other. I gladly accept this challenge and choose a graphic novel as my primary form of artistic expression.

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Through the process of storytelling, we achieve a better understanding of reality.

Uros Savić

The myth is the most honest expression of our psychic life. We see the outer world through the lenses of our prejudices, and the limits of our own imagination. That’s why myths are so important. More than just a story, they are a subtle expression of our hopes, fears, anticipations, and bigotry. They enable us to relate better with others and ourselves. While working on my own mythology, I expose my core beliefs and convictions, to myself and to the audience.

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